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Exhibitor Compliance
Application is hereby made for exhibit space in the Florida Water Resource Conference. With this application you agree to comply with information provided regarding booth space, exhibitor compliance, and cancellation policy. Payment is due upon submission of this form. No exceptions. FWRC reserves the right to assign booth spaces and modify the floor plan. All displays within booth area must be positioned so as to not block or infringe on neighboring booth(s) visual range. This especially affects end booths and location of front of booth. Those not in compliance may be asked to rearrange or move their display. All booths must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. No food or beverage, including bottled water, may be served unless approved by the FWRC management. Submission of this form indicates concurrence with Terms of Agreement.
Cancellation Policy
Written cancellation is required and must be received no later than April 1. NO REFUNDS REQUESTED after April 1st WILL BE GIVEN. Allow 6 weeks for processing. A $75 handling fee will be applied to all cancellation requests.

Applications must have both form and fee remitted to be accepted. Confirmation will be emailed to you upon processing.

Email us with any questions or comments: Info@fwrc.org