Speaker Guidelines

S P E A K E R  G U I D E L I N E S


1. Register Online @ http://www.fwrc.org/attendeeregistration.asp Speakers are charged a nominal registration fee. Register early for the discounted rate. You will received PDHs (Professional Development Hours) only for the length and approved units for your presentation. If you want to receive PDHs for any other sessions or workshops you attend, you must register as a regular attendee. If you do not want PDHs, then you can register for the day as a Speaker.
2. Check the FWRC Website to confirm the session/day/time for your paper.
3. Prepare/finalize your presentation in PowerPoint.
4. Limit your speaking time to approximately 25 minutes; leaving time for Q&A, speaker changes, shuffle around, time to go to other sessions, etc.
5. Anticipate being contacted by your Moderator for final arrangements.
6. Accommodate whatever is agreed upon with your Moderator to get copies of the final presentations loaded onto a common laptop. In the past, since most of the time presentations come together at the last minute, speakers have put their presentation on a CD or flash stick and then met with the moderator before the session to transfer to the laptop hard drive.


1. Check in at Registration Desk to pick up your packet, badge and speaker and any member ribbons.
2. Check out the location and arrangement of your session room in advance.
3. Meet with your moderator as agreed to get your presentation loaded on the laptop.
4. Arrive at your session room at least 15 minutes before the session starts. Assist moderator as needed to set up the laptop, make sure everything is working, meet the other speakers, meet the room monitor, etc.
5. Be proactive and cooperate with the moderator so that the session starts on time.
6. Limit your presentation to approximately 25 minutes; leaving time minutes for Q&A, speaker changes, shuffle around, time to go to other sessions, etc.
7. Work with the moderator to keep the session on schedule. This includes not running late and not getting ahead. If a speaker finishes early or does not attend, wait until the designated time for the next speaker.
8. The monitor’s primary function will be to introduce the speakers, maintain the attendance sign-in sheet for the CEU/PDH credit and green card explanation, and assist with the lights, door, etc.

The FWRC continues to promote innovative and cutting-edge water/wastewater technologies in the Southeast.
If you have any questions, please contact Nicole McConnell at 407-409-7005.
Thank you in advance for your participation.