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The Florida Water Resources Journal contains information and topics concerning Florida’s more than 3,000 domestic and 1,500 industrial wastewater facilities, its 7,000 drinking water systems, and a myriad of wetlands and other surface water agencies. The fourth largest population in the U.S. with over 16 million people, Florida is the third fastest growing state and is continually adding, repairing and improving water and wastewater services. It is mailed on the first day of the month to all members of the sponsoring organizations, as well as to direct subscribers (direct subscriptions are available for $24/year for 12 issues).

Published monthly, the Florida Water Resources Journal is a technical publication oriented toward water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, and stormwater control.

We publish technical articles, columns, notices and announcements, committee reports and other association business, letters to the editor, and press releases relating to new products, new literature, and general news.

FWRC 2022 Advertising Discount

The best deal available is to purchase one booth with one Full-Page Color Ad (See Exhibitor Registration Form). Advertising space in the Florida Water Resources Journal Conference Issue is available at a 10% discount.  The Journal serves as the “official conference program” and is distributed to every conference attendee.  This discount applies only to a full page advertisement. (7.3” x 10”) in black/white or 4-color.  (Other ad sizes are available). 

Advertising Policy: The FWRC reserves the right to reject advertising which it deems unsuitable and to refuse acceptance from advertisers of questionable credit or trade standing. FWRC reserves the right to determine the placement of all advertisements, except special position ads. FWRC/FWRJ is only responsible for providing advertising space, and is not liable for the content of the advertisements appearing in the conference issue.

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